Product introduction

DAC‘s products
contribute to society
through image processing.

Human detects 5 senses from outside (visual, touch, taste, smell, and hearing) and takes an action by judgment of brain. And it is said that 80% of the action is controlled by visual sense.
“Watch” and “Analyze” = Image Processing Technology
Image processing technology is a technology to digitalize visual information using hardware and software processing.
DAC’s image processing technology has been mainly introduced as a replacement of human eye-check in factories’ production lines and inspecting high-speed and fine defect inspection.

sheet paper

No.1 delivery record in a paper carton industry. DAC's image processing technology improves product quality and production efficiency. We will fulfill our duties on guarantee and support after shipment.


Installed on high-speed running corrugated board machine to inspect color deviation, print dirt and incomplete printing. A dedicated inspection system customized for corrugated board printing conducts high speed 100% & whole area inspection.

seal label

100% & whole area inspection on garbled text and print dirt on sticker & label printing for pharmaceutical and beverage

packaging web

Visualize the causes of defects in film forming, printing, laminating, slitting, and bag making processes. In order to conduct the "improvement measures", we believe that the company needs an informational strategy and challenge for quality control in the company. We are making efforts to provide inspection equipments and systems for the further development of the converting industry.

data viewing

Realizes a visualization of defect data in various situations from production to quality management. Able to monitor production line realtime by connecting network between an inspection system and Gallery.

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