Corporate philosophy


Kyoto Main Office

Enlisting the slogan “Contributes to the society by image processing technology”, we’ve been addressing automating visual inspection in customer’s production line through continued study since the company establishment.
We’ve actualized this image processing system that can watch as human’s eyes do and analyzes as their brains do, and our main goal is to provide our products and services as an alternative way to human inspection to satisfy customers.

Our inspection systems have been hired by many customers and playing an important role in product quality improvement, enhancing product efficiency, and guarantee and reassurance after the shipment.
Customer’s demand will be higher and higher at their production site, and also slashing cost , high speed production line, short term delivery, and quality assurance after the shipment art strongly required from now on as well.
Under this tough situation, DAC ENGINEERING Co,. Ltd. will challenge a possibility of image processing with the motto of “Reliable inspection closer to human’s sense, simpler operation, Less expensive system price, and safer quality assurance.

We are proposing [Aggressive] Quality Management System to prevent producing failure products by making effective use of print inspection system “Symphony series” and Defect analyzing system “Gallery” , instead of [Defensive] inspection system just to prevent shipping out failure products.
We are always thinking “What can we do for customer’s growth?” to offer the systems that can gain their trust and satisfaction.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued business.

Yoshitaka Hikami, President

Quality policy

We create corporate culture to value customers and aim to improve customer satisfaction through providing better quality of products and services beyond customer expectation.
Quality policy states our attitude to the quality of products and services and our will to achieve high customer satisfaction.
Based on quality policy, Quality will be improved by surely achieving our framework of quality management system, compliance to its requirement, and clear quality goal set for process improvement.
Quality policy and Quality goal shall be informed to all the employees for further understanding through any types of internal communication measure.
We recognize the following essences to achieve your company.

  • Measurement and analysis of customer satisfaction
  • Appropriate offer of necessary management sourse
  • Continuous improvement of quality management system

Quality policy is subject to change when needed.

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