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Developed the image processing technology with utilizing area sensor.
1974 JULY Developed " EYE SPECTOR", the general image processor.
1983 OCTOBER Established head office and factory in Kamitoba, Minami-ku, Kyoto.
1984 SEPTEMBER Got a prize from research center corporation in medium and small-sized enterprises.
1987 JANUARY Developed the general image processor for positioning, and started OEM.
1987 FEBRUARY Joined the UNICOM group.
1987 OCTOBER Developed " VIP1600T", the general image processor for all-side inspection.
1991 MARCH Developed " VIP1600C", the automated image processor for full color.
(1670 thousands of color)
1992 NOVEMBER Released "VL series", the printing film inspection system.
1995 SEPTEMBER Released "Symphony series", print inspection system.
1999 JANUARY Released "Gallery", the digital image filing system.
2001 SEPTEMBER Released "Symphony 5 series", print inspection system.
2002 SEPTEMBER Certified by ISO 9001
2004 APRIL Released "Symphony 7 series", print inspection system.
2005 SEPTEMBER Released "Sheet ABS", for inspection on an impression cylinder .
2007 APRIL Released "Trinity Well ", print inspection system.
2009 APRIL Released "Crossover", Gravure print inspection system.
2009 OCTOBER Released "MERCY-touchr", Print Sample Inspection system.
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