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Realizes a visualization of defect data in various situations from production to quality management. Able to monitor production line realtime by connecting network between an inspection system and Gallery.

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Gallery is a monitoring, browsing and analyzing system of defect image and data detected by an inspection system. Able to build up "System not to make failure product" by utilizing defect analyzing mode.


  • Defect images and data can be printed out.
  • It's possible to browse and manage multiple inspection systems through 1 Gallery by networking.
  • It's possible to browse and manage multiple systems.
  • We have many functions such as blinking a master and a defect image, profiling function with a graphical display and defect mapping to visualize location defect occurred as a defect image browsing and analyzing function.
  • By filtering search function, it's possible to extract arbitrary defect image and data.

Basic specification


Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10.

OS bit number

32bit, 64bit


1.0 GHz Pentium or higher processor


DirectX9.0 or higher


More than 1.0 GB (for 32 bit OS)
More than 2.0 GB (for 64 bit OS)


Resolution is more than 1024x768
and color depth needs to be displayed more than 24bit.

Hard disk

More than 16GB (for 32bit OS) or 20GB (for 64bit OS) is required for an installation.

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