Product introduction

Human detects 5 senses from outside (visual, touch, taste, smell, and hearing) and takes an action by judgment of brain. And it is said that 80% of the action is controlled by visual sense.

"Watch" and "Analyze" = Image Processing Technology

Image processing technology is a technology to digitalize visual information using hardware and software processing.

DAC's image processing technology has been mainly introduced as a replacement of human eye-check in factories' production lines and inspecting high-speed and fine defect inspection.

DAC's products contribute to society through image processing.

Products to be inspected by DAC's inspection systems

DAC ENGINEERING's Quality Inspection Systems inspect various types of products and bring safety and security to you.
convenience store

Our inspection systems are introduced by an example of inside of a convenience store.
When you click the name of the product, you’ll see the detailed information of the system.
Convenience store is an epitome of the products produced through an inspection system.
Most of all products are inspected by inspection systems.

  • Canned coffee
  • Milk carton
  • Plastic bottle
  • Japanese sake
  • Rice ball
  • Bread
  • Snack in box
  • Snack in bag
  • Pasta
  • Poster
  • Magazine
  • Comic book
  • Battery
  • Diaper
  • Wall paper
  • Corrugated board

The following things can also be inspected by DAC ENGINEERING's inspection system.

  • Security Printing
  • Business form
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