Corrugated Board Inspection System

Installed on high-speed running corrugated board machine to inspect color deviation, print dirt and incomplete printing.
A dedicated inspection system customized for corrugated board printing conducts high speed 100% & whole area inspection.


Inspection system dedicated to printed corrugated board for packaging industry


  • X-Y-θ Image Correction makes a stable inspection possible without an influence of feeding accuracy by correcting an image against sheet deviation or curved sheet caused by machine delivery.
  • Combination of high speed 3 CCD camera and high processing technology realized an accurate inspection.
  • Dedicated inspection circuit for barcode defect and picture auto-extract function make it possible to detect defects that you need to reject by arbitrary sensitivity setting such as weak level on base color, normal level on picture and strict level on barcode.
  • Color difference correction

Basic specification


Trinity TLC402M

Camera specification

4096 pixels
*Camera can be added up to 5.

Camera type

CCD-3 line (TLC4 series)

Min. resolution


Inspection speed

400 sheets/min. *Depends on a machine spec.

Inspection target

Printed corrugated board

Lighting source

Ultrabright LED lighting source

Stabilizing sheet surface

Depends on a machine spec.

Target defect

Print dirt, missing print, pinhole, foreign material, hazing, etc.

Inspection circuit

6 circuits (Special circuit 4 circuits available)

Defect filing

Stores up to 6 defect images per sheet.


Sheet shifting tolerance, X-Y-θ correction, Impurity canceling function
Barcode priority inspection, Inspection frame function for partial inspection sensitivity setting
Interactive user-friendly operation by touch panel


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